Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tragedy in Water Aerobics

Yes, I am taking Water Aerobics as a college class. Yes, I look like an old lady as I splash around in the water. Yes, I'm miserable at it. But there is one reason why I continued to go to that class ever Tuesday and Thursday. The reason is the highly attractive life guard who watches over the pool, quietly snickering at our water aerobics class. I spend most of my time trying to show off for him, unfortunately for me, whenever he seems to look my way, I would slip and splash or make some big mistake. But nonetheless I have caught me stealing glances at me.
Today, as I rushed into the pool area, a little late, we finally made eye contact. He smiled and asked, "Hey, How are you?"... A little abashed I replied, "Fine, you?" He just sat there with an amused look on his face. He finally said, "Don't you know who I am?"... Embarrassed and mystified I mumbled, "uummmm, no? Sorry?" He smiled and said confidently, "We met at that Fletcher family reunion, right?" Yes, low and behold my lifeguard crush was in fact my cousin. To try and mask my horror, I smiled and stupidly pointed out the obvious, "Ooooooh yeah.... so you're a life guard now?" He kinda chuckled because he was wearing a life guard uniform and was sitting on the life guard stand. I quickly excused myself to hop in the pool.
Curse you mormons for having big families. Curse you Utah where everyone is related. And curse you karma. So my conclusion is fate is out to get me. Maybe next time I have a crush on someone, I should demand them to show me their family tree.