Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things I've learned from having a concussion

Due to partying too hard last Saturday, I sustained a head injury. Here are a few things I've observed
1) Concussions hinder my fashion sense
2) If you put pain killers into brownies, they cure you much faster and you get to say that you've had magic brownies
3)Ironically my addled brain has yielded higher test results
4)I'm more productive as in invalid
5)Class is much more interesting when you're not mentally sound
6)People do nice things for you
7)You get away with making errors, if people call you on it, you shrug, then just point to your head
8)Waking up alive every morning is actually a fun surprise

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Austen Sister

Last year Miss Garfield, accompanied by her father, traveled to the Alps to get in a few good days of skiing. The few times I entered her house while she was gone, it was complete and utter chaos. Without Gail no one knew where all the ski equipment was, or how to operate the computer, or how to fix simple things that had been broken. The people that know and love Gail know that without her the world simply doesn't work.
Miss Garfield entered my life 6 years ago. I observed her being very bossy one day in play practice. I pegged her as being stuck up and obnoxious. The next year, one day at swim team practice, I had just finished a warm-up lap and was waiting on the side of the pool. There Gail sat, adjusting her goggles and dangling her legs in the water. At first, I sighed and thought, "Great, she's on our swim team now." But then she looked down at me and said, "You have a beautiful freestyle stroke." Instantly her status increased infinitely in my mind. Although she still is a little bit bossy, she's completely changed my life. Once she is your friend, you are ensured that you'll be well looked after. She hardly ever wastes a thought on herself and does everything to help her friends and family. On top of that, she would never forgive herself if she didn't try to invite everyone to everything. Gail can plan or fix anything. Her car broke down while her dad was driving it down the canyon. Gail took one look at it and fixed it. If you need a party planned or a cute card, just call Gail. She worships Martha Steward, which is silly because in reality she is much more creative than her.
Miss Garfield holds my world together! Happy Birthday Gail!