Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The first taste of real life...

Tibetan Prayer Flags make a border of the otherwise boringly white walls in my dorm room. The Tibetan national flag makes a headrest for my bed. Obama posters dot my room here and there, and my desk shelf is full of Jane Austen and Buddhist teachings…. I’m at home.
College was nothing like what I expected…. Thousands of students swarm campus, half the people I see link themselves together by holding hands, ah only at BYU. My quest for marriage seemed almost attainable this morning when I walked to my first college class. I somehow won the lottery and signed up for a Book of Mormon class primarily for RMs… maybe this was the church’s way of setting up matches. It’s just me, six other freshman girls, and thirty fresh-off-their-missions-cute-21-year-old-men! We’ll see how that goes.
Other than the crazy RMs, the excessive hand-holding, the prayers at the beginning of every class, and the pompous phrase “The Lord’s Univeristy,” BYU is actually kinda cool… who would have thought?
I have my own room and apartment, I have a tv, I have a popcorn maker, I have food storage, I have two awesome roommates, friends living in all the surrounding buildings, and I have my independence! If my Austen sister and real sister were here it would be absolutely perfect.
The other day the wind blew through my hair as I raced through Helaman Halls on my scooter, laughing hysterically, getting weird looks for the onlookers, getting creamed by Alyssa, but knowing I was going to love it here.

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Anastasia said...

I am soooo happy that things are fantastic for you at BYU but I am missing high school in the sense that I could get to know you better. We are so alike in the sense that we both have pretty much the same beliefs, i.e. vegetarianism, Obama, Buddah, etc, all while having to deal with the conflicting views of our church... Well, I guess they are not all conflicting, but I think you know what I mean. So I am sad that I don't know you as well as I should, and I severely regret not extending an effort earlier in our school lives. At least there was that term in Frank's class. Please post more about your life, I want to know more!!!! Thanks for posting again.