Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring time at BYU

This week Utah is being it's normal Utah's self. Totally unpredictable weather wise. Maybe it's just a sigh of global warming, if that's the case, yay for global warming. Since this rare outburst of happy weather is probably going to be short lived I decided to spend my afternoon studying outside. I walked around to the back of my apartment building where I received quite the shock. Two young gentlemen very close to being nude, lying out on a blanket. Maybe it's because I've been so sheltered here at BYU, but I was not prepared to see that. I gasped (probably too loudly) then turned around and went to find another sunny spot. One part of me wanted to laugh at these absurd boys and the other part wanted to go join them and soak up all the sun I could.


Jocelyn said...

haha! I totally would have just laid down inbetween them, not saying a word. Oh goodness. Good story.

Anthony said...

EXCELLENT story about the sun bathing dudes hahaha. But I know whatcha mean. I couldn't resist busting out my shorts and flip flops today. It made me SO happy.