Friday, June 12, 2009

The case of Suzanne and her accidental boyfriend

Once upon a time, in the faraway land of BYU, lived a young girl. She had just started her freshman year of college. She had managed to avoid all scary RMs and all church callings, she was living the dream. She was an easy-going girl and loved to have fun, so she hardly detected anything suspicious when her roommate asked her, innocently enough, to go to a Haunted House with her and her boyfriend. So she wholeheartedly agreed and bundled up in her warmest clothes. She got to the car, where Kyle joined them. Kyle was Suzanne's roommate's boyfriend's roommate. Suzanne, naively, thought oh fun, the more the merrier! She sat next to him in the backseat, silently rejoicing that she no longer had to third-wheel it. She thought Kyle was a very nice kid and liked him very much as a friend. Then things started to get weird. Once at the Haunted House, Kyle pulled out his wallet and payed for two tickets. He turned around and gave one to Suzanne. Suzanne stood there holding onto her ticket, in awe. She thought, wow this boy is so nice! He is such a good friend. They got into the attraction and it was dark. Kyle grabbed Suzanne's hand, she thought, to lead her through the dark. Again, she was amazed at the kindness of this young gentleman. After that Suzanne's roommate started inviting her to hang out with her and her boyfriend a lot more. They went to basketball games, watched movies, and played games. Kyle was always invited too. Suzanne was grateful for his presence because, well he was always nice to her and she had fun. Then the winter settled in and Suzanne didn't have a car, bike, or bus pass, so she had to brave the cold and walk to and from school every day. Kyle started giving her rides. He was such a good friend! One day he called her to see if she wanted to go get a bite to eat. Again, she was amazed that he was checking up on her, and it really blew her away that such a guy could exist. One who was so nice and took care of her, but wasn't in love with her. She told Kyle that she wasn't hungry and had a lot of papers to write that night, but she thanked him for thinking of her. She hung up the phone and her roommate asked her who and what the person on the other end of the phone wanted. She recounted the exchange and she sort of gasped. "You just rejected his date offer? Wow, that's harsh!" All of the sudden Suzanne's ignorant, inexperienced eyes were opened. "Wait, what?! Kyle was asking me on a date? Does Kyle like me?" Her roommate stared at her for a full two minutes, mouth hanging loose and all. Finally she responded "Duh, Kyle likes you! Aren't you two dating? Everyone thinks that you guys have been together this whole semester!" Kyle, who was just as inexperienced as Suzanne, had almost tricked Suzanne into being his girlfriend. He thought if he did it slowly and subtly Suzanne wouldn't notice. Suzanne learned her lesson and always questioned boys' friendly actions from that day on.


Annika said...

Suzanne that was an amazing story.

Kristin said...

bahahahahahahah that was hilarious!