Monday, August 17, 2009

Another failed conquest

Last Thursday I found myself, yet again, working at the homeless shelter. This day I was helping a few families move from the Road home to a new apartment complex. After moving a few families, we started in on Ashley. Ashley was homeless and just had twins. We got her all packed up and headed to Palmer Courts. We pulled up in the van to a group of awaiting volunteers, just itching to help unload. We all jumped out and started moving boxes. As I was loading up the carts I couldn't help but notice a most agreeable young gentleman. He was college age and had streaks of blond in his hair, was accustomed to being in the sun, and he definitely was acquainted with the gym. And on top of that he had decided to spend his time working at the homeless shelter. Can you say perfection? Well after we made eye contact and he smiled at me a few times, he finally approached me after about the third trip I made to Ashley's apartment. He said in a friendly manner, "Hey are you Ashley? I want to see these twins of yours!" I quickly turned a shade of purple and declared I was a volunteer and got out of there as fast as I could. I don't know what's worse, him thinking I was homeless or that I looked like I just had twins.


Miss Garfield said...

Hysterical. Positively hysterical.

Annika said...

Aww Suzanne. You use your time so much better than I do.

Benjamin said...

Well done. Making us think you were starting a romance, then putting a twist at the end to just make everything hilarious. I'm laughing.