Friday, May 2, 2008

High School Musical and such....

Two thoughts today:
The first one happened while I was at the SLC temple. Ah, let it be May... I witnessed 7 beautiful brides with their smiling grooms being received by crowds of family and friends. SEVEN! I was only there for about 40 minutes, and I saw 7 couples begin their journey towards eternal bliss (or something like it). Wow, people are getting hitched left and right. Oh boy in stake conference the SLC temple president spoke, and he said there were 74 marriages yesterday!
Second thought... why in the universe do people worship people who spend their life pretending to be other people? does that even have any merit? Ah, well not to be hypocritical or anything, but I've caught the High School Musical high and have signed up as an extra. I'm super excited to tell my grandchildren that not only was all the HSMs filmed at my high school, but I was actually in one!
Oh brother.... the problem with this blog is that I don't feel like I can write anything, unless it's terribly witty and makes everyone fall off their chairs laughing. So I haven't really written that much... and Miss Garfield hasn't either,( although now she actually has exciting stuff to say). As a result, this blog doesn't have very many entries.
Oh hey... announcement! I'm betraying everything I've believed in all of my life and heading down South.... the dreaded Utah county, for college. The "Lord's university" will never know what hit them!

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Anthony said...

Never feel like you're writing on a blog to entertain others. While that might be a huge reason for it, it helps to write down anything you can. You become a lot clearer to yourself when you write things down.