Sunday, June 1, 2008


One of my biggest fears is that I’m never going to make a difference in the world. I want to see something and fix it, for example world hunger. Or I wanted to save someone’s life by befriending him or her. I have yet to do either. I’ve been reviewing my high school years and wondering, have I even made an impact on anyone? Is anyone grateful that I’m alive? Then I happened to stumble across Jocelyn’s blog. In her description of herself she says, “I’m an ordinary girl, and thanks to Suzanne, my life revolves around the number 37…” I almost started crying once I saw that. That has been my contribution to humanity. I have implanted a love for the magical number 37 in several hearts.
If you don’t already have a love of 37, let me just fill you in. How I first discovered 37, put anything, anything at all, into the microwave. Depending on the size and frozenness of the item, punch in 37 or 1:37 or 2:37 ect, and the item will work out perfectly. I have experimented with this extensively, and it works I swear. Soon 37 will appear EVERYWHERE you go. Whenever you look at a clock, the time will end in 37. You’ll hear it in movies, open to page 37 in books, and see it on license plates. Like Jocelyn said, you’ll life will soon revolve around this number.
Every time someone enters my family, we give them a number. So my grandpa is number 1 and my grandma is number 2, ect. We figured this all out a few years ago, and I was number 36. I paid little attention to this fact. After my obsession with 37 started, we were eating dinner with my cousins. We were again going over the list of numbers trying to add in a few new names, when we realized we had forgotten to count one of my cousins. Once we counted her that pushed me back to number 37. Once they verified this several times, the whole family called me into the dining room (I was upstairs for some reason). They told me the big news of my number switch. I stood there in shock for about 37 seconds, then I fell to the floor and just started crying. I can’t remember ever being happier. So not only do I love this number, but this number defines me. I am the 37!
After high school no one will probably remember what I looked like or anything that I did, but I sincerely hope that whenever they see the number 37, they stop and think, “hey wasn’t 37 that crazy kid from high school’s favorite number?” That will be my legacy


Jocelyn King said...

Suzanne! It is so true! Thank you for introducing the magic of that number, it really is everywhere! I love you and you looked gorgeous last night!

Anthony said...

While many appreciate you and 37... I disagree entirely. You've done WAY more awesome stuff than that. In fact, 37 is a curse. Now everytime it shows up, people shout it and laugh and think of you. It's annoying. No, you've done MUCH cooler things. What other girl threw a Regency Ball, can debate Jane Austen stuff with me, knows 24 inside and out, appreciates all the characters in the office, sleeps in the baggage area of the bus, fears rollercoasters, wears invisible children shirts, drives that frickin' awesome car, wants to free tibet, reads like a mad woman at times, has completely stunning eyes, hosted the black and white party AND went to see that Beatles movie with Jim on a date? Not many others do cool stuff like that.

Anthony said...

plus, you can match Kevin in a verbal battle any day merely for the fact that you and pretty much only you can bust out things that he sometimes has no idea how to respond to. It's a gift.

E. said...

I'm going to agree with Anthony on this one---your influence extends far beyond little old 37.

That being said, I do think of you every time the number pops up!

Benjamin D Jolley said...

the hymn sung at my grandmother's funeral was #37. it's a funny song. look it up.