Friday, June 20, 2008

Delhi: home to sweat and stink

As the creepy Bollywood type Indian music blasts in the background of this small internet cafe, I don't really know how to put India into words. It's somewhere that in order to really understand you need to come here multiple times, well actually I'm not even sure that the people that live here understand India. For starters there hasn't been a single minute where I haven't had a layer of sweat covering my body. The humity combined with the heat creates this never-ending sauna. So everyone is sweaty and smelly, and now imagine thousands upon thousands of people lining the streets trying to sell you stuff or take their picture with you. Oh and take away all traffic rules. And now you're well on your way to understanding Delhi.

ah, it's definitely a different world over here, but it's also an amazing world. Everyone is so friendly, even when they are trying to rip you off. And there is also always something new to see. Today we visited a Hindu temple, India Gate, the president's palace, Ghandi's death place, and the Lotus Temple. Last year I actually did a report on the lotus temple and just the Ba'hai religion in general, so it was indescribably amazing to actually go there.

Here at our hotel we met this girl from Colorando. She came to India by herself and she's only 20! how insane is that? A white girl, 20, here in this crazy city by herself. That takes some nerve. But if anyone could do it, she could. She is super outgoing and interested in everything. I really wish I was that outgoing, brave, and happy.


Anthony said...

I'm jealous of you. A lot.

Jamie said...

Yes, the grimmy, stinky, sweaty streets of Delhi, nothing like it to awaken the imagination and push the limits of the soul. Watch the roads and don't drink the water. Peace!

favorite uncle said...

Reading you is BETTER than a Jane Austen novel!
I am jealous of the delicious-looking world's best pizza. I am dying to go there and taste it. Would I really be dying, or what, if I did so? Hmmmmh.
Those monks are just like the great people we met in Japan. Those monks were from the magical country of Bhutan, and we very much enjoyed the honor of making their acquaintance.
Please do something for me. Place your Dad into the famous yoga position calle, "retching water buffalo," and punch him in the arm -- a time-honored sign of affection and regard among guys.
We love you and cannot wait to see you. You are in our prayers 24-7.