Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All roads lead to Tibet!

Since reading 7 years in Tibet I've dreamt of one day strolling the streets of Lhasa. This dream came true for my brother two years ago, and I thought it would for me too. After we got our plane tickets to India, the uprisings occurred in protest of the Olympic torch running through Tibet. Monks were killed or put in prison and China put Tibet in lock down mode. I lost hope of retracing my brother's steps and soon tried to make myself content with a tour of India, with an emphasis on Tibetan resettlements. I've actually rather enjoyed seeing the Tibetan culture alive and thriving here in India. But everyone here informs me that this lush green village is nothing like the real Tibet. My heart wasn't really settled. We are so close to Tibet, but we just couldn't get across the border.
Well today the borders opened because the torch has passed through and we have booked our bus tickets. WE'RE GOING TO TIBET! If the Chinese give us visas I will be in Tibet on Saturday. My whole being shakes with excitement! We'll probably be some of the first tourists back into the broken up nation. The journey won't be easy by any means, I think it'll involve, crowded trains and buses, airplane and taxi rides. But it's worth it!
Thank you McLeod Ganj for the good times, but Tibet here I come!

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Jeff said...

I for one am glad the chinese didn't catch you trying to sneak in.