Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Greetings from the Himalayas!

Well folks, I am so sore that I can barely walk. They told us that we would be going on a trek through the Himalayas, but they lied. It is a trek UP the Himalayas. I'm not lying when I say that pretty much all we've done is gone up one big giant staircase. They even built stairs.
SOOOOO painful.
But all that pain was worth it last night when the clouds cleared and we finally got a view of Annapurna, the third highest mountain in the world, a football field short of Everest. So beautiful, actually it was beyond words.
Every day consists of a 7 to 9 hike up these mountains, so I have about 30 miles under my belt, and I think we are only half way through. It's quite a journey, but there are quaint little guesthouses alongside the road that make for great resting spots. Although they are void of most comforts, like electricity for example. But in all reality what is more poetic than reading Jane Austen's words or Sherlock Holmes adventure by candlelight in a cottage guesthouse in the Himalayas?


optimismrocks said...

Oh, I've been hoping you would write again soon. Thank you for your post. I'm glad you're having a terrific adventure. You're an insightful writer and I hope you'll consider writing a book about your journey. More importantly, however, is embracing every moment there -- the people and the places.

Jeff said...

Answer to your last line: poetry.

Bob said...

Wow! you folks are really out their on the edge. Would like to be with you. Sounds like every moment is a real adventure. Hiking here in the Wasatch will be a snap.
Be safe and will be seeing you soon.
Love, Popeye and Grandma