Tuesday, January 13, 2009

College lessons

Since living on my own I've learned a ton of things about life, oftentimes from my own mishaps. I would like to pass along this knowledge in hopes that you won't make as big of a fool of yourself as I have.
1)If you want to keep your pancakes warm in the oven while you get ready for school, make sure that the plate you put them on isn't plastic.
2)When doing your laundry, check the pockets for pens
3)Also when doing laundry check to make sure you paid for the right washer, because it sure looks dumb to come back an hour later to see that you paid for a laundry machine to do a load of air while your clothes are sitting there, still waiting to be cleaned
4)If you feel sick, DON'T GO TO CLASS, unless you want to vomit in front of everyone
5)Make sure the guy you are thinking of hitting on isn't related to you
6) If cooking something on the stove, make sure all plastic cooking tools are no where near the flames, unless you want to start a fire.
7)You can never have too much Top Ramen.
8)Go to everything that advertises free food
9)The best place to sleep is usually in the girls' bathroom- they have couches in there
10) Try very hard to avoid poles when you are walking
11) If a stranger offers you a ride, say "Absolutely!"


Annika said...

Suzanne, you are such a fountain of wisdom. I hope to someday be like you.

Kevin said...

Maybe we should just remove all plastic from the kitchen...

Anthony said...

Kevin took the words outta my mouth.

So... you DID vomit everywhere in class then?

Miss Stack said...

Actually I was able to make it out of the classroom and outside... into the snow next to a busy sidewalk... I think I ruined several people's days

Anthony said...

Oh I'm sorry that's no good! I saw a kid throw up in kindergarden in class and it bothered me so much that I decided I would absolutely never throw up in school and so far so good.

Amira said...

thanks for those pearls of wisdom, only one more year and i;m on my own better write these babies down!
have a fabulous day

E. said...

How do you lead such a fabulous life? Thank you for your incredible stories, and much-needed/loved wisdom.