Tuesday, January 20, 2009

View from on top

(The first picture is of me and Karen, hanging out with Steven Spielberg, the other two were the view from our seats)
We called today, "Cinderella day." I'm not sure what was more surreal, Getting picked up by a police escort, driving through the streets of DC with people scattering out of our way and taking pictures of our police van, walking through the underground tunnels of the Capitol building, sitting in better seats than Oprah, sitting two rows in front of Leonardo Dicaprio, John Cusack, Magic Johnson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, bumping into Steven Spielberg, hearing that my family saw me on CNN, being 150 feet from Obama, looking out into a crowd of about 2 million people, watching my uncle escort Obama and Bush onto stage, or seeing people in the USA actually supporting and striving for change. Today was magical. I can't believe that a normal person like myself experienced any of that. Now that it is midnight, I'm back to being a nobody, but it was fun for just one day to pretend I was important!


Kevin said...

some day, huh?

I don't think anyone wanted it more.

E. said...

You. Are. Legend.

Amazing, incredible, fantastic, huzzah.