Monday, January 5, 2009

Ode to Jane Austen

For those of you who sadly missed Miss Austen's birthday, it fell on December 16th. In honor of her genius, I would like to tell you about what I've learned from Jane Austen.
1) If you drop something next to a boy, he'll pick it up and that will create a perfect opportunity for an introduction
2) Don't marry for money
3) Love finds you when you're least expecting it
4) Letters are the best form of communication
5) Men are hottest when they wear tight pants and a cravat
6) Enjoy those random characters in your life... you could turn them into a pretty great novel
7) Go on long walks... perfect opportunity for lovers to profess love
8) Sisters are about the best thing a girl could have
9) Start out hating a guy, then slowly learn to love him... it's way cuter that way
10) Don't underestimate the importance of Balls, gatherings, tea, and dances
11) Empire waist dresses are the way to go
12) If you find a Mr. Collins, roll with it... they come with the best stories!
13) If you stick to your morals, everything will work out in the end
14) Don't flirt with men who are secretly engaged to someone else, they are no fun
15) Life is funny, don't forget to laugh at it