Thursday, April 17, 2008

All about the infamous Miss Garfield...

Unlike Miss Stack, I never possessed the wit or vivacity to live up to a comparison to Elizabeth Bennett.  Oftentimes I live as Emma Woodhouse, scheming and gossiping about the romances of others but never expecting love to find me.  Miss Stack often joins me in these ridiculous plans; she did not err when she announced that we live vicariously.
My friends, however, claim I resemble Mary Bennett in my actions, and I admit they are right.  I watch others in their love affairs but feel far removed, and hide behind my attempts at becoming accomplished.  
But I fear I am sounding too morose.  In reality I see myself in some of every Jane Austen character.  I love laughter like Lydia, reason like Eleanor, and appear shy like Jane.  And outside of the Jane Austen sphere, I live to ski, travel, and for the next adventure.
And with my lovely friends and excellent family, I live in a happily ever after...  
Affectionately yours, 
Miss Garfield


Kevin said...

Hey kids! I mean uh...

Dear Miss Stack and Garfield,
Were you aware that you could have separate profiles, and both be authors on this blog? 'Tis true! However, if you prefer the togetherness feeling of a combined account, that's quite understandable as well!

Mr. Blissett

Anthony said...

Yo Dudes, rockin'.

Miss Garfield, do you ever see yourself in the character of Kitty? She's a nit-whit.

E. said...

I'm afraid I rather see too much of myself in Ms. Marianne Dashwood---I am much too near a future of whispering lost love from the hilltops amidst pneumonia-inducing storm.

So I'm very glad that you cover all the more reasonable and delightful characters (though I completely disagree with your comparison to Mary).