Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm never going to grow up

After two and a half hours of sitting in a hot sweaty attic of an advertising firm, I made a big decision about my life. I decided that I don't want to grow up and have a job EVER. I want to remain a child forever and frolick in fields of sunflowers. I listened to woman after woman get up there and describe the dull work that they just "love" to do, even if they don't get around to doing it because they have a family to raise. After listening to all these woman, I couldn't think of one thing that I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. Not one thing. Granted, there was one job that sounded remotely interesting, working as a manager for a non-profit organization. But the dance instructor, family historian, graphic designer, photographer (the only pictures she showed us were pictures of her children), 6th grade teacher, and nurse just didn't have anything interesting to say. It sounds like most of them only do their jobs if they have time after children or when they did do their jobs, it wasn't that meaningful. They ended the night saying that you should turn whatever you love doing into a career... like that's going to work. I love reading and hiking and ummmmm.... I don't know making weird facial expressions at myself in the mirror. How am I going to turn any of those things into a career?
So around the second hour, when I had to hold on to my seat so I wouldn't stand up and pull the fire alarm so I could get out of there, I decided that there wasn't a job out there for me and I should even go to college because I'm just going to hate whatever I get into anyways. I've already had bad experiences in the work place. My first job was as an Italian Ice scooper, I would stand next to a stand in the middle of nowhere all day in the hot summer sun, waiting for people to come by, so I could offer them samples. Being the ignorant responsible 15 year old as I was, I listened to the rule that said no books, phones, iPods, or anything worth living for, on the job. So that was not a good job.
Of course there's always been babysitting. I'm surprised I haven't killed anyone's kid yet. I'm horrible with kids. They general hate me, and run a muck.
The last job was tutoring. I actually really liked this job. I got payed for helping people with homework. Oh, I forgot to mention that another one of my hobbies is homework! I thrive off homework, even though I like to complain. So that was a fun job, but I don't think I actually helped the kids because I would get caught up in the work and do it myself and forget to explain, and they were ok with that because then they didn't have to do homework.
So... none of these jobs seem lucrative or even fun for me. So now I think I'll fall back on pursuing my dream job of pulling up the net behind the goal posts during football games.
At least I have more options that marriage, nannying, and prostitution, to my make my living. Jane Austen's characters had it rough.

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Anthony said...

I've already decided not to grow up either. And I figure the best way to do this, is in my child-like innocense accidentally murder and or mame someone, and end up in jail. Jail is like code for: outside the system. You can just be a care fee kid forever there! And I plan to!