Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Biggest Fear

Recently I've had college on my mind. I'm still deciding between the U and the Y ( if anyone has any advice about choosing, let me know). For a little while, I was actually pretty certain that I would try the Y for a year... but then I talked to Lauren Evans. Lauren and I grew up together. Our backyards touch, so for many years, she would hop the fence and we would spend all day climbing trees and organizing neighborhood night games. We were even on the same soccer team. In middle school we would carpool together, and in High School she let me borrow her old prom dresses and would discuss which teachers were the best. Then she went to BYU. In her first class of the first day of college, she met a boy. Next week she is going to marry this boy. This BLOWS my mind. A girl that I grew up with, a girl I look up to and completely admire, is old enough to promise herself to a man for the rest of eternity. After one day she had found that man.... one day at the Y. That is my biggest fear. This may sound irrational, but seriously, if I found that one guy, and he proposed, I'm sure I would say yes, regardless of my age. But what if that is next year? I won't really have lived life, gone on adventures, learned about life's disappointments... But I'll be hitched down to a person and have to responsible. Boys are so lucky that they can go on missions at age 19. They have at least two years where they can discover themselves before they are thrown back into the crazy world of dating. I want to go a mission... but by the time I'm 21, I might not be in a position where I can leave everything.
Oh, by the way, has anyone else noticed all the couples around lately? My ward alone has had 5 weddings in the past few months! Five! And we have a puny sized ward. Not only marriages, but it seems like everyone has a significant other. Well not everyone... but a fair amount of people. Weird! Ah, springtime is the time for lovin'!
Miss Stack


E. said...

My dearest Ms. Stack,

Yes, 'tis I! Come to throw my two cents to the coffer: find your way South, dear friend. I may be biased---and completely selfish, given that I'd really just love you to be down here with me---in my opinion, but I do so love this place, and know you could love it, too.

As for the boys, I come also to put your heart at ease. Considering my dating record (four dates in two full years and counting), it really is all up to you. My roommates and I have excellent theories in regards to dateability and would be happy to pass them on.

Yours, &c.
Ms. Elizabeth

Anthony said...

You know, my biggest fear aint marriage. In fact, I can hardly wait. If I had sufficient funds and stuff, I'd be SO down with getting married like tomorrow. But what I AM kinda afraid of, is all my gal pals getting married. For some reason that just scares me to death. This was a rockin' entry Stack. Got me thinkin' a lot.

Oh, and don't go to the Y!!!! It's a fine school to be sure but I'm not happy with everyone leaving :(